Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions that I have received.  If you have a question that I have not answered don't hesitate to contact me 


How far in advance should I book?

Engagement, Senior, Family Portrait Sessions: 2-8 weeks in advance is fine.  I shoot on weekends and weeknights around 5:30pm when the sun sets after 7pm.  

Newborn shots:  1-6 months in advance.  If you want the cute posed photos, they need to be taken within 5-10 days of birth.  To accomplish this I will be “on call” for your due date weekend (in case baby comes early) and the two weekends after your due date (for on time and late arrivals.)  The sooner you book, the more likely I will have the flexibility in my schedule to accept the session.

Weddings: 6-12 months in advance as soon as you have a date and venue. However, if your date is sooner, check with me for availability.  I’ll do my best to make it work.
Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes.  It’s a simple contract and includes things like the photo release, payment terms, photo delivery expectations, commitments in case of an emergency, etc.  

Is a deposit required?
Yes. In order to secure your session date I do require a 50% deposit. This is a non-refundable fee.  

Where will the photography session be?
I use the great outdoors as my studio.  I love shooting in new locations around Williamston/Okemos/East Lansing/Lansing, but I also have my favorites.  Let’s talk so we can decide the perfect place for your shoot together. Please remember there is a travel fee for locations outside of Greater Lansing.

Is there a perfect time of day for my photos?
Yes! On sunny days the magic hour for portraits is 1-2 hours before the sun sets or after sunrise is the best time to shoot. Overcast days can be more flexible.

How long will the session take?
You can expect to be on location with me for 1-2 hours.  For newborn shots I book a 3 hour session – you never know how long it will take for your little one to feel like being a model. Weddings vary based on your schedule.

How many photos will I get?  Can I see every shot you took?
We pick out the best and give you a generous selection after we get rid of pictures with people’s eyes closed, picking their nose, and not looking the right way.  If you want a few blooper shots we can pull out some of the hilarious looks that wouldn’t normally make it to the final reel. You will get a minimum of 50 images from a portrait session and a minimum of 300 photos from a wedding or similar celebration. That’s a safe estimate.  You will likely end up with more.

Will you post the photographs online?
Yes.  Your sneak peak will be posted to my Facebook page.  Once all the photos are edited, you will receive a private link to download your photos. Weddings packages also include an online portfolio where guests can view the shots and order prints. Some photo sessions will be highlighted on my blog or make it into my portfolio.

How long will it take before I can see my images?
Your sneak peek will be ready within 48 hours.  The rest of your photos will be ready within 2 weeks for portrait sessions and 4 weeks for weddings.  

What happens during bad weather?
Sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans. For portrait sessions we can reschedule.   If it’s your wedding/event day keep in mind that overcast skies make colors pop and rain can mean some awesome dramatics skies and sunsets.  With a little flexibility on both sides will get some great shots.  

What if I had something else come up and need to reschedule?
No worries!  I’m a Dad and a husband and know that life can get crazy and sickness can creep up.   If possible, a 24 hour notice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Do you retouch your images?
Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  I like to keep my images as natural as possible.  If there’s a pole in the background coming out of Grandpa’s head, I’ll remove it.  If the contrast is a little off, or the photo needs to be brighter, I will edit it to match the others.  If you have blemish on your face that is very noticeable in a few photos, I will make it disappear.  If you want me to make you look younger or thinner on every picture, it’s possible…but, the time involved to do so will likely come with a price.

Do you offer albums or prints?
Yes.  Professionally printed photos will always be more impressive than getting prints from Meijer or Walgreens.  You will get the digital images to print wherever you would like, but please talk to me if you want professionally printed photos.  I also offer custom-designed professional grade hardbound coffee-table photo books along with a selection of other a la carte products.

Who chooses the photographs in the album?
Most of my customers have some must have photos that they want in their album and leave the rest of the design up to me to tell the story of their wedding day or photo session.  If you prefer to design the entire book, that’s fine too.  

Is there a question I missed?  You can reach me here.